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MyRaceSticker Milestones

Posted by Administrator on 10/6/2011 to Random Stuff
The fun keeps on rolling at MyRaceSticker. We were happy to be the supplier of the Greenline Half Marathon in Memphis for their first race. Race director Natalie wasn't sure how many folks were going to enter the first race, so we made her order in two batches and delivered the second batch just days before they stuffed goodie bags for runners. We're runners, so we know how these things work.

So, race directors, if you want high-quality, made in America vinyl decals, custom designed for your race. And a LOT of you have fabulous logos that would make a bad-ass sticker, Wineglass Marathon, we're talking to YOU. Please contact us and let's make some stickers.

We also had a really nice compliment from Robert G. after he ordered a few too many custom stickers. "I am overly pleased with the service you provided. If every purchase went this great the world would be a better place. Thank you!" Now if good sticker service could only change the world. That'd be awesome.

Run Fast, Take Chances.

Katie T Date 10/6/2011 2:40:00 PM
www.burtontechusa.com I've been walking on my treadmill (in the basement) for years and finally decided to take venture upstairs and outside. I'm new to running and I ran my first race. Nothing exciting like the Ironman or Triathlon. Just a 5K, but I was so excited to finish and wanted something to prove to my friends that I could do it and being old isn't so bad!! I ordered a custom sticker from myracesticker.com. The sticker is perfect plus the customer service was exceptional.
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