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Posted by Administrator on 4/12/2011 to Random Stuff
Well, the 13.1 half marathon business must be good for the women runners, based on the pink 13.1 stickers we've been selling. We've had orders go out to Las Vegas runners, Charleston runners and Dallas runners. We've created some cool iRun 26.2 and 13.1 decals for all of you. The year has started out great with sales increasing every month, a great promotion we have running right now is if you order four or more of anything you get 20% off your order. Admittedly, we're trying to raise the amount of the orders we get but think of what great running gifts these make for your runner buddies. The other thing we want to announce is the new "big city" marathon in-training and finisher series. These are sold in two packs and are really three stickers in one. See the YouTube video of how the sticker is designed to work. On another note, a buddy of my brother is an SEO guru out in Silicon Valley named Don Campbell, he runs a really nice little business and blog called Expand2web that helps small business owners like me compete with the Amazons of the world. Every time I get his monthly email alert I learn something new, like putting the URL of my business in the front of my YouTube videos. Thanks for the help Don, he also sells a very SEO friendly Wordpress theme called Smallbiz.

Here's what the "big city" series looks like.

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